Everyone, in their early 20s, inevitably has a minor meltdown concerning the direction of the rest of their life. I had one of those in undergrad when I started out at UF (the University of Florida) as a dietetics major. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I chose to study nutrition besides the fact that I really loved food and couldn’t stomach the thought of becoming a nurse like all the other women in my family (blood, ew).

After taking an aptitude test, I decided that the fast paced world of advertising was my actual calling and dove head first into that. A design class ended up being my favorite class one semester and I realized that I was actually kind of good at it. But, by the end of my undergraduate career, I only had the chance to take 3 design courses and do one design internship (bummer). So, I decided to go to graduate school at UF and get a Masters in Mass Communication: Web Design and Online Communication (emphasis on the design). During that time, I learned how to code and build websites (like this one), create the full spectrum of graphic design work using the Adobe Creative Suite and communicate more effectively online. I also landed my first real Web and Graphic Design position at an ad agency in Ocala, FL. I worked there for almost 2 years before I left for Denver to be with my husband and follow my dream of being a full time Web and Graphic Design freelancer.

And, now that you know all about me, tell me a little about yourself! Drop me a line via email or through my form on the Contact page. I love hearing your stories.