Birds & More Pet Cages – Web Mockup

A Spec Project

When I was given this project, I only had the information on their social media accounts to go off of. This was a spec work project (a project meant to entice a potential client). I created a logo and homepage web mockup for them.


  1. Research: I did a bunch of Googling. I looked at other companies selling similar products and looked at their website designs and organization, their logos and color palettes.
  2. Story Board: During all of this Googling, I am constantly taking screen shots and adding them to a blank Illustrator art board. I like to see all of my findings in one place.
  3. Word Mapping: My go-to strategy for idea generation is word mapping. I take the name of the company, put it in the middle of a page and start writing down words I think go with them and their mission. After I write about 30 words, I start narrowing down my ideas.
  4. More Googling: Once I have my main ideas (usually about 3), I start looking for typography and imagery inspiration. I like to see what other designers are doing with similar ideas that I have.
  5. Sketching: Once I get all of the inspiration I could possibly need, I put pencil to paper and start drawing the ideas in my head. I like to make a t least 5-10 drawings before I start digitalizing anything.
  6. Digitalizing in Illustrator: Sometimes I scan in my drawings and use the pen tool to digitalize them. Sometimes I find really cool stock vectors to customize and turn into what I imagined. I try to have at least 3 options to present to a client in the end.

What I Did

  • Concept
  • Logo
  • Homepage Mockup