Bricks R Us – Landing Page Mockup

A Quick Information Page

Bricks R Us is a brand that sells engraved bricks for all sorts of purposes, including fundraising and for memorials. They were doing a campaign that needed a Landing Page and it was assigned to me.

I kept with their brand identity when designing this site. They had no style guide but they had a current website that I mimicked.

In the initial meeting about the landing page, I talked with the Project Manager about the information hierarchy and planned out different sections based on category. I started with the main idea of the page “RAISE MONEY WITH ENGRAVED BRICKS” over a photo of one of their pathways. A contact form followed that advertised a free sample brick, shipped very quickly. They wanted to list all of the benefits of going with them as a fundraising option so I listed them alongside checkmarks, in two different sections. I also used a quote over a photo, to give them credibility. The last thing was listing all of their brick categories with pictures to show examples of them.

Again, a lot of information crammed into a tiny space, in the most efficient way possible.