Golden Ocala – Caddyshack Party Poster

A Poster Based on the Movie

This is a poster I made for Golden Ocala, Golf and Equestrian Club. They wanted to have a silly “Caddyshack” themed party. I had never seen this movie before, so, when I got the project, I went home and watched it. I also looked up the various posters that were made for the movie. My favorite one had the gopher on top of the clubhouse with the main characters coming out of a hole. I modeled my poster after that.

I heavily Photoshopped a photo of the Golden Ocala clubhouse to make it look like it was taken in the 80’s. I also moved some trees around and cleaned up the sky. I then cut out this gopher and added him, making him look as natural as possible.

The border, the fonts and the color choices all mimic the original movie poster.

This was so much fun to make!