Community Food Pantry – Logo

A Charity Project

One of my friends works at a food pantry in Tampa, FL. They needed a logo but didn’t have any money to pay someone to do it. So, I volunteered to make one! Before I started sketching different logo ideas, I did some research on what different food pantry logos looked like. I also had a meeting with the director of the pantry and found out that she really loved watercolor and the idea of cans of food.

With all of the information I gathered, I did some sketches with canned food and glass jars of food. I then went into illustrator and made the deigns come to life with the help of some watercolor .ai files I had bought. I wanted to have a green in the logo because it is the life/health color, so, I ended up putting watercolor peas in a glass jar with the name of the pantry “Community Food Pantry” on the label.

They loved it and use it on all of their communication materials today (including Facebook).

What I did:

  • Logo
  • Branding