iHeat – Web Mockup

A New Company's Web Mockup

This was a brand new company when I received this project. There are not that many companies out there like this, especially ones with great websites. Without much industry inspiration, I decided to find out what their biggest selling points were and highlight them visually.

The company already had a logo made for them so I went with their logo and color palette when highlighting throughout the site. iHeat is an internal company that only sells wood pellets to be used as a heat source. Kind of boring, so I had to be creative and really sell their strong points.

I pushed their environmental and cost positives above the fold with icons to engage potential customers. Right under that, I did a savings calculator, to really make the financial benefit stand out. “About” sections for the product (since there is only one) and then the company fall under the savings calculator. A contact form finishes off the sections with a footer in the neutral gray that I picked.