Sochi 2014 – Photoshop Project

A Graduate School Photoshop Project

This was a project in a Photoshop class I took in graduate school. I had to make a web mockup of a homage for an event in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

This was my very first experience with a website mockup. I kept it pretty traditional with the navigation. The font that I chose was similar to the font used in the official logo.

I wanted to make the design unique so I used triangles as photo windows and laid them out in a snowflake-like way. Certain pieces of information were required on the page, like the current temperature and the categories of events, so I added them to the triangles.

Looking back at this project, I see how the design I came up with would be difficult to code and how the display of information for usability reasons could be improved. But, at the time, it was a fun project.