The Park On Main – Ad Series

Three Ads for a Travel Magazine

This ad series idea was given to me by the creative director at the agency I used worked for. The management really liked to control strategy. So, I made their vision come to life with this series.

This hotel is nestled in the beautiful Smokey Mountains. I found some great stock photography of the area (the hotel didn’t have the budget to do a photoshoot). I focused on the outside and the adventures to be had while staying at the hotel, since I didn’t have any suitable photos of the actual hotel.

The typography at the the top of each ad was meant to emphasize the leading verb, to give travelers an idea of the memories they could be making if they stayed at The Park On Main Hotel.

I placed all of the copy and the logo down at the bottom of the ad, to continue the “Z Pattern” of sight. I made the background of the text black at their request, per their current branding.

What I did:

  • Design
  • Branding
  • Typography