UF School of Theatre & Dance – 2014 Actor Showcase Postcard

Bound for NYC

When I first decided that I wanted to get into graphic design, I had a friend who was doing all of the design work for the Theatre Department at UF (UFSOTD). When he graduated, he handed the reigns over to me. I was stoked at the fact that I landed such a job and worked hard to become the best that I could.

This was a probably my 5th UFSOTD project. It was a postcard, sent as an advertisement of the UF Actor Showcase, hosted in NYC.

They wanted a TON of information on this card. I had to really push for them to cut down the copy, so as to keep everything legible. The blue and orange are UF’s official colors. Looking at it now, I would go with a darker background to make the text more readable and invert the colors, maybe have a white or really light background instead.

Another choice that I made, to give the piece more character, was to make the photos look like they were cutout. I did this ever so slightly, so as not to make it look unprofessional, just different.

What I did:

  • Branding
  • Design