Vita Wellness Center – Logo & Business Cards

Logo and Business Card

This project came to me via a friend. He sometime subcontracts me to do design work for him (he’s a web developer).

I was given the vision for this logo by the owner of the company. She had a very clear idea about the imagery (the circles all interconnecting). I filled in the middle parts to represent a flower and individual growth. I picked this shade green because was timeless, not too bright and it represents life and wellness. I picked the dark gray because it is a modern neutral. The font has a nice roundness to the characters but is a sans serif so it’s up to date with current design trends.

For the front of the business cards, I used icons that were outlines to go with the logo. I also added the logo very fairly in the background to fill the dead space on the card in a unique way.

On the back of the card I used the logo I made with the tag line and added what the business offered at the bottom of the card, so that potential customers knew exactly what the business provided.

What I did:

  • Logo
  • Branding